I wrote this “Analysis of Wisconsin’s Act 28: the ‘Affordable Housing Extension'” research paper for my Housing and Public Policy class in the spring of 2015, and it was used as policy guidance by two Wisconsin municipalities since I wrote it. The following is a summary of the paper:

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.05.32 PMIn 2009, the State of Wisconsin passed Act 28, nicknamed the “Affordable Housing Extension.” The purpose of this paper examines the Cities of Monona, La Crosse and Appleton’s experience with the extension. Drawing from interviews with each of these municipalities, this paper will highlight lessons learned, suggestions for improvements and barriers to success of Act 28 implementation. A brief assessment of similar policies in other US States will provide a unit of comparison to Act 28 and help inform suggestions for improvement.

See the full paper here: Jackson_FINAL PAPER 844 (1)