I am currently enrolled in the class Planning Applications of GIS, where I am advancing my skillset in geographic information systems (GIS). For this sample of work, I was instructed to find ideal neighborhoods* for a professor who is to hypothetically move to the City of Madison. The professor’s requirements included:

  • Neighborhoods greater than or equal to 70% homeownership
  • Within a one mile buffer from any of the lakes and arboretum
  • Within either one of two the client’s preferred school districts; and,
  • and, within a four-mile buffer of Music Hall, the client’s place of employment.

Because my data analysis was limited to the criteria I was given, I included two supplemental graphs as well in regards to median home value and presence of youth. I hope these aid in the construction of a neighborhood narrative without over-assuming the client’s values.

Methodology of this spatial analysis included heavy use of proximity analysis and its associated tools including buffers, containment, and clipping to arrive at four neighborhood options for the client.


Neighborhood selection using ArcGIS