At a Glance
Abby moved to Sacramento from the Chicago area in 2016. Receiving her Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Wisconsin (UW) – Madison and upon completion of her professional internship with the planning and design firm Houseal Lavigne Associates, Abby now works as an environmental planner. With a deep interest in urban design and site planning, Abby uses her creativity and strategic communications background to design unique approaches to problem solving. Abby is a participant in the SacValley PLAN Program–a year-long mentorship program for young planners organized by the American Planning Association.

Planning Philosophy
Abby’s design inspiration comes from a mixed appreciation of urban and rural landscapes and their corresponding textures. Her planning inspiration draws from the great planners of history, but counterbalances such big ideas by incorporating sustainable, mixed-use and active living principles into her plans. As a trained community organizer, she see ways in which planning can better engage the public to transform underlying power structures responsible for stymieing community development. Using her design knowledge as an asset, Abby strives to create products and processes which emphasize communication in a way that is collaborative, visually digestible, easily accessible, as well as easily disseminable.

Master’s Research
The role of the City Planner in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Academic Background
Abby is a graduate of the Urban & Regional Planning Masters of Science Program at the UW-Madison ’16. She specialized her studies in strategies of economic redevelopment and urban design. Her Bachelor’s degree major is in International Studies of the Global Commons (Environmental Policy) with certificates in Environmental Studies and European Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison ’12. She also has a background in community organizing, and Abby studied as an Ingénieur Agronome at L’école Nationale Supérieure d’Agriculture (SupAgro) in Montpellier, France in the spring of 2011. In fact, it was Abby’s first convenient light rail grocery trip during her semester abroad that sparked her interest in how humans and nature interact with the built environment.

When Abby is not working, she enjoys playing a good game of ultimate frisbee or checking out the latest flick. One motto Abby adheres to is “never stop exploring”– R.E.I. probably stole this from her 😉

Current Challenge
“I’d like to develop the world’s first ‘viral’ plan, like an internet meme, but better!”-Abby Jackson